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Books on 7-Card Stud and 7-Card Stud Hi-Lo Poker

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7-Card Stud : 42 Lessons How to Win at Medium & Lower Limits by Roy West

A no-nonsense, common sense guide to winning at 7-Card Stud for both medium- and low-limit players, 7-Card Stud covers strategy for starting hole cards, through third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh street. It also addresses strategy for overcards, reading hands, psychology of poker and secrets of the pros.

The format of the book makes it an easy read and the player will pick up the tips and techniques easily. It even includes a bonus chapter by World Champion Tom McEvoy on 7-Card Stud tournament play. Overall a good, useful book.

How to Beat Low Limit 7 Card Stud Poker by Paul Kammen

How to Beat Low-Limit 7-Card Stud is one of those rare books, so hard to find, that bridges the gap between beginners and advanced players. Though it can be helpful for everyone, this book is most useful to those who know how to play the game but aren't ready to jump head first into the world of no limit play.

Kammen walks the reader through tactics for play on each street and gives advice on each type of playable hand. On top of that it includes a quick guide for easy reference, and well fleshed-out appendices. A terrific book for the more bankroll-conscious player.

Winning 7-Card Stud: Transforming Home Poker Chumps into Casino Killers by Ashley Adams

A very well-written book, even described as "in your face" by one reviewer, Adams' goal is to prepare home game players for the world of casino play - a very noble cause, too, I think most of us would agree. With advice on both live and online gaming, Adams walks the reader through everything from game selection to how to play your opponent.

Potential readers should note, however, that the focus of this book is geared more toward low- and medium-limit games, and doesn't focus much on the higher-limit games. But regardless of that, it is not only an informative book, but it's also very well-written - and even funny - and certainly worth a read.

Killer Poker: Strategy and Tactics for Winning Poker Play by John Vorhaus

A lot like Ashley Adams' Transforming Home Poker Chumps into Casino Killers, this book isn't just informative: Vorhaus' humourous and inviting writing style also makes it a fun read. The main premise of the book is that, while a lot of players know what they're supposed to do in a given situation, they don't do what they're suppopsed to do, whether because they're too emotional, or just plain forget, or what have you.

Incorporating poker "exercises" for the player to practice, Vorhaus is intent on making a weak poker player better, and a good poker player great by teaching simplified ways of calculating and strategizing so that your head stays in the game and not out in a mathematical ether.

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