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Books on Poker Strategy and Odds

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Thursday Night Poker: How to Understand, Enjoy and Win by Peter O. Steiner

It's one thing to have a weekly poker game among friends, when the point is just to drink beer, eat pizza and hang out. No one is really there to win. It's another thing altogether when the stakes are higher and the people are more serious: you don't have time for pizza - you're there to win a poker game.

If that's the case, then this is the book for you. Steiner - who has also written an economics textbook - teaches players to take their game to the next level by learning to properly evaluate hands, read your opponents, and discover their tells while masking your own. On top of that it goes into detail describing the standard poker games and their variations, and give tips on how to best play them. Don't be fooled into thinking that this book is just for the casual Thursday night poker player: it is a definite resource.

Hold'em Odds Book by Mike Petriv

Calculating poker odds can get so complex and confusing that many people won't even bother doing it. This book is exactly what those people should be reading, as it makes the entire process of calculating odds so much simpler to understand and put into practice.

After an introduction to probability (because it may have been a while since you took high school math) Petriv delves right into how to apply your new knowledge. Petriv walks the reader through actual case by case examples straight from a Texas Holdem game, making the reader comfortable enough with them to actually put them into practice themselves.

 The Science of Poker by N. Mahmood

Divided into four sections, The Science of Poker takes a very scholarly view of poker. The first section deals with the 3 primary skills of poker, namely People, Probability and Money; the three other sections offer detailed advice and strategy for Omaha, Texas Holdem and Stud respectively.

Possibly the best feature of Mahmood's book is that it goes into astounding detail, analysing more than 100 examples of common situations for playing after the flop in Texas Holdem and Omaha, and playing after fourth street in stud. A very good book overall.

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