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7-Card Stud

With 7-Card Stud, the goal is to make the best poker hand you can from the 7 cards dealt to each player. After the players ante, everyone is dealt two cards face down and one card face up, and then bet on the strength of those. The player with the lowest visible upcard is the Bring In, meaning that player has to bet half the minimum bet (if two or more players share the same low card, the person closest to the left of the dealer performs the Bring In). This counts as a forced bet, so all other players call, raise or fold on it. All the bets have to be equal to the low-limit bet size, and there are only three raises allowed per round of betting.

Next comes fourth street where players are dealt another upcard, and the player with the highest hand showing will have the option of checking, betting or folding; then another upcard (fifth street), a round of betting, and another upcard (sixth street) and yet another round of betting.

The final card (seventh street) is dealt face down to the remaining players and there is a final round of betting. If there aren't enough cards left in the deck for each player to get their own downcard, one card is placed in the middle of the table as a community card. After this comes the showdown, where players have the option of either laying out their cards and trying to take the pot, or mucking their cards entirely if they know it won't take the pot and they don't want their opponents to see what they had.

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