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Playing Styles

There are two main styles of poker playing, and four main categories that players fall into.

The two styles are loose playing and tight playing. Loose poker players are the ones you can always count on to pay to see the Flop. They almost never fold a hand, they try to play all of them regardless of how good or bad they are. Loose players are usually found at the low-limit tables, new players who actually do win hands based on sheer dumb luck.

Tight poker players are the exact opposite. They tend to play much fewer hands than a loose player would, because they're more cautious of the cards they're dealt off the start. If they don't think their cards are good enough to win, then they probably aren't going to play it.

Players can also be categorized as passive or aggressive players. This has to do with the way they bet from round to round. It takes quite a bit to get a passive player to open up the purse strings and actually toss some action into the pot: they usually want to either call or check and protect their cash. If someone's playing like this, though, and then they throw a big wad into the pot, look out. They've probably got you beat.

Aggressive players, on the other hand, will seem to raise on anything. That's what makes them so dangerous, because they might have a good hand or they might have a crap hand, and because they throw money on the table like it' going out of style you don't know what they've got

Combining these characteristics together is how you come up with the four most common categories of poker players: loose-passive, tight-passive, loose-aggressive, and tight-aggressive. The goal is to become a tight-aggressive player.

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