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Huckleberry "Huck" Seed's Poker History

In 1996, the World Series of Poker main event had 295 entrants. The last person to enter the tournament was former Montana native Huckleberry Seed. He was also the last to leave. Despite his name, Huck Seed was not your average "huckleberry." Huck came in 4th in the $1500 7-Card Stud Hi-Lo event of the 1990 World Series of Poker, and in 1991, made what would prove to be one of his wisest poker moves: He financed former construction worker Brad Daugherty for 40 percent, so that Daugherty, who had had a bad run in side games, could afford to pay the entry fee for the main event. Daugherty won, sending a good chunk of his million dollar first prize to Huck. Huck used the money to launch a devastating attack on the poker rooms of California, winning millions at the highest-limit games available.

When Huck Seed arrived at the 1996 World Series, he already had two second place finishes in World Series events-for Deuce to Seven Lowball Draw, considered one of the most challenging poker games for professionals-and a World Series bracelet for winning the 1994 $2500 Pot Limit Omaha event. In 1996, Huck navigated a final table of confident amateurs and tough professionals, including John Bonetti and Men "The Master" Nguyen, to find himself heads up with Dr. Bruce Van Horn, a pathologist from Oklahoma. When Huck was dealt 9, 8, with a flop of 9, 8, 4, he got the doctor all-in. Van Horn showed K8, which failed to improve, making Huck the 1996 World Champion.

Huck is one of the quieter players on the poker scene, but at 6' 7" tall, he is tough to miss at the poker table. He is an aggressive player, not afraid to move mountains of chips into the pot with absolutely nothing, but has a razor sharp card sense, and when he peers out from under his hooded eyes into an opponent's soul and senses weakness, he is more often than not going to take the pot away with a well-timed bet.

Huck started out as an engineering student at Cal Tech University, but the call of poker proved too lucrative to ignore, and he has been a poker professional for years now. He is a true poker player: While many of today's pros specialize in Texas Hold'em, Huck is one of the most proficient players in the world at 7-Card Stud, Lowball, Omaha and Hold`em, in all of their variations. He has an amazing four World Series of Poker bracelets: In addition to the World Championship and the 1994 Omaha prize, Huck has two World Series wins for Razz, a 7-Card Stud game that is played low only.

Today, Huck can be seen on a number of televised poker broadcasts. He has appeared on Fox's Poker Super Stars tournament and NBC's National Heads-Up Poker Championships. In both, as in all tournaments, he is a presence feared by amateurs and professionals alike.

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