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Casinos along the gulf coast reopening

The year of 2005 saw a lot of hardship, and none so much as the damage inflicted by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita along the Gulf Coast of the United States. Beyond the thousands of deaths, millions (and perhaps billions) in property damage and the continued hardships placed on the people of the area and their local economies was the sweeping destruction of the water-based casinos in Mississippi and those in Louisiana. 

Mississippi has since changed their laws and will now allow casinos to be built on land instead of offshore. The thought is that this will help to prevent the sweeping devastation of those properties, which are responsible for millions in tax revenues for the state and local government. One of the first organizations to take advantage of this change in the law was the Isle of Capri Casino, which reopened this week with their Capri Casino Resort in Biloxi, Mississippi. 

Two other casinos in the area, the Palace Casino and the Imperial Palace Biloxi are also ready to reopen, though the Imperial Palace will remain a floating casino.



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