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How Poker Started

Poker is one of the world?s more popular games, like most pastimes the game of poker has a very interesting history. 

Many believe the earliest form of poker was a Persian card game called As Nas. The game was similar to five-card-stud, but was played with 25 cards and 5 suits. This game was the first game were poker ideas such as three-of-a-kind and other poker rankings were used. 

Later in Europe people began to play a game that was very similar to poker called ?poque?, also known as ?pochen?, which means bluff in German. Although the beginnings of poker were started in Europe, the game we play today was born in the Southern American states a couple hundreds years ago. 

French traders traveled the French colonies such as New Orleansoften during the 1700?s and began to show colonists how the game was played. Before the civil war broke poker was a very popular game in New Orleans and the game was spreading quickly across the American frontier faster than a bad bluff. The game appealed to these early Americans because of it?s risk and skill level. 

Even back then there were some that were considered to be professional poker players. They were not held in the same regard as today?s table champs. These players were considered by many to be cheats trying to take their hard earned money. Back then there were not as many rules in the game and people with skill were able to cheat at the table without much effort. 

At this time players were dealt five cards face down and there was one round of betting with no draw cards. During the 1850?s players were able to draw cards and there was another round of betting. 

With the centuries gold rushes, railroad building and wars people had a great attraction to the game and it grew with the times. 

From there the game evolved to what it is today with more rules and different forms of poker including today?s most popular game of Texas Hold?em. 

Poker took a new face with the Internet boom of the 1990?s and became available to play at home with the use of a computer.



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