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Turning Pennies into Millions with Poker

Who wants to be a millionaire? Well everyone of course, but instead of paying to call in and qualify for qualifying to a TV show, why not pay as little as 6 cents to join into a online poker tournament for the chance to become a millionaire. The ever popular online poker sites are now offering entry on the World Series of Poker and a chance to win millions at the real life poker tables. 

Two of the last three winners of the World Series of Pokerhave found their way into the tournament through internet poker satellite tournaments. Players are welcomed to demo the notorious Texas Hold'em platform by visiting the site and downloading the poker software, install it on the computer and start enjoying their various notorious poker games. 

The latest such success story is of one Lee Biddulph, from Blackpool, Lancashire, who beat out thousands of online players in a Costa Rican competition?s initial final event. The 28 year old chef started playing online in 2002 when he logged onto a US poker website to begin practicing No Limit Texas Hold?em poker. The years of practice have paid off, as Biddulph walked with a Ј567,419 first place finish, approximately $1 million USD. The continued success and instant millionaire stories should only fuel the popularity of online poker and the prizes offered by online poker sites.



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