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Four Reasons Some People Hate Online Poker

Allow me to rant for a few minutes...about why I hate online poker. 
1.) It's boring. I've gotten to the point where I enjoy sitting around playing with friends so much, that I even enjoy it more than playing in Las Vegas. Even if it means I am never in a high-stakes game again. Half of the fun of poker (besides winning) is spending that quality time with people you enjoy being with. Maybe it's because I had such a bad run in Vegas last month, but all I could think about while sitting at the table was, "man, it sure would be better if my buddies were playing. "Playing online means no ability to read other players and no personal interaction. Who knows...maybe I've just become a softy. 
2.) It's too slow. I've written two paragraphs in the past ten minutes. That's about a paragraph for each hand that has been played in the game I'm in right now. Nothing is more frustrating than sitting there, watching that person's icon just blink...and blink...and blink. Not too mention server issues, etc. etc. etc. Drives me up the wall. It's weird. I don't mind sitting there for ten minutes while someone goes into the tank in a live game. But if someone takes more than 30 seconds online, I'm throwing something against the wall. 
3.) I don't trust it. I've seen more 10-10-10 flops online than I will ever see in real life. I've flopped a royal flush online. I mean, seriously...flopped a royal flush! What are the chances of that happening? One web site has it at 0.00000032064% I've flopped four of a kind about ten times. I've seen more random stuff happen online than you will ever see in a real card game. Flop two pair? Someone else flopped a set. Catch that flush? Someone just caught a straight flush. It's like playing with the Velvet Teddy Bear every single hand. Assume the worst...and that's probably what happened. 
4.) It's addictive. Saying all that, I can easily see why people get hooked into playing online. It never seems like much to re-buy on that credit card. Getting back in the game is as simple as a click of the mouse. I've had really, really bad days where I just kept adding to it by buying back in. That's never a problem in a live, cash game. Reality usually slaps you in the face when you have to throw cash down on the table. I know a lot of people love online poker. This isn't an indictment on the hundreds of thousands who are playing at this very second.



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