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Quick Hit Review: E! Hollywood Hold'em (

Filed under: Celebrities With nothing on my plate last Friday afternoon, I had the chance to take in the first five episodes of E! Hollywood Hold'em back-to-back-to-back. Not one to warm up to celebrity poker shows easily, I was a bit surprised to find myself enjoying the format as light entertainment. I'll qualify that statement by saying any enjoyment was very much dependent on who was on the show in a given episode. (Example: Mad TV's Ike Barinholtz wore out the first episode for me pretty quickly)5 Quick Hits on E! Hollywood Hold'em:1. Thus far, Phil Laak has shown the ability to balance poker criticism with light banter and some interesting personal questions. He's been better than expected and deserves credit for calling out poor play when it occurs (often).2. The show's production value is good. With experience in television lighting, sound, and editing, I'm one of those annoying people who pays attention to this stuff and EHH is good in all three areas. Nothing fancy here, but it works. 3. To me, not having an audience cheering on the celebrities helps the show greatly. The live crowd on Celebrity Poker Showdown tends to encourage and react to comedy antics which, in my opinion, detract from the quality and pacing of the show. CPS breaks down into Variety Hour at times - not my cup of poker tea (although I'm sure many do enjoy that aspect).4. The show scored major extra credit with me by featuring a game at David Puddy's house...I mean Patrick Warburton's. And who would have guessed Jerry Cantrell as Warburton's guest? Cantrell = the guy from Alice In Chains. Yeah, that's right.

5. Vince Van Patten (VVP) easily took the longest amount of time EVER to make a decision on a hand vs. the O.

C.'s Nicholas Gonzales. I'm not exaggerating when I say he took the most time I've ever seen a player take to make a decision in my entire life of playing and watching poker. I know that there was significant editing of the hand during post-production, but I have the feeling it was even longer than what was shown on tv. VVP's decision took



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