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Sweden, The Nation of Online Poker

Sweden made history earlier this week when they became the first government to open up an online poker site, owned and maintained by them the government. Svenska Spel was launched early on Thursday, amid some criticism that the site is not secure enough to handle real-money transactions. 

With the popularity of poker amongst the Swedish population, Svenska Spel is positive that the site will do well with its spring launch. 

"Svenska Spel's net poker is needed. Around 200,000 Swedes play poker on the internet today - with us they'll get a first class, entertaining site in Swedish, completely designed for Swedish poker players," said the online poker site?s managing director Jesper K?rrbrink. 

Security issues came to light after a local newspaper published an article that claimed the sites transaction system does not actually require its costumers to verify that they own the credit card they are using. Svenska Spel claims that their system is secure enough and that adding more security would only cause more work for the poker site?s users. 

"Our poker will increase players' safety since we have very high ambitions and demands for responsibility and security," said K?rrbrink. "Players must set their own personal limits, in terms of both time and money, before they can begin playing. Our operation is controlled by the relevant authorities the whole time." 

Sweden has always been known as a poker hotspot, with one of the largest group of online poker players and the host of many world class tournaments.



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