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Tournament Success

Advanced Poker Strategy

Most poker tournaments have specific buy-in amounts that can range from $1 to thousands of dollars. Some tournaments allow re-buys for the first hour and some do not. This gives players who bust out early the opportunity to re-enter the tournament. Be sure you know what kind of tournament you are in. The buy-in will get every player the same denomination of chips to play with.

Tournaments consist of multiple tables, which eventually will become one table, the final table of the tournament. Some tournaments will pay out the top nine players, some will pay out more and some will pay out to less. It is wise to know beforehand what the exact payouts will be for the place you finish with.

It's always beneficial to take notice of the people you are playing with. Check out your opponents' tells and also how they play specific hands. Watch what your opponents are doing and how they are acting. It may help you later in the tournament if you go heads up with them.

In addition, you should try to play only your strongest hands. Some people will play every hand and many people play aggressively at the beginning of tournaments because they're trying to catch something to end up having an early chip lead. While these actions work for some, it makes others bust out quickly - helping eliminate some competition early.

However, also keep in mind that when you are playing Texas Hold'Em in a tournament style setting that the blinds do raise about every 15 minutes. If you find yourself repeatedly folding your blinds, it may be time to make a move soon with decent cards or you will watch as your stack is depleted without ever playing a hand. This is when it may be necessary to pull your bluff. What is nice here is that because you haven't played many hands, people will assume you're a tight player who finally got a fantastic hand. This will make some people call just to see what you are playing, but will make others fold because they respect that you have a better hand.

It is possible to leave a table during a tournament, but remember that the clock and the blinds keep moving while you're away. And, you may have missed some cards you truly would have wanted to play. There will be breaks throughout the tournament so if you can wait to leave the table until your next break, I highly recommend it.

Keep yourself hydrated. Stay focused. Bring your lucky charm, your sunglasses (just in case) and of course, your poker face.

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