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Calculating Pot Odds & Bet Odds

Calculating Pot Odds & Bet OddsOne of the biggest mistakes you can make when playing poker is not being selective enough and playing too many hands. The other is hoping to draw a hand that you probably will hit, but that still won't be good enough to take the pot.

Outs are the cards which are still in the deck that will help your hand; Pot odds are the odds on the pot as it is now compared to what you will be called on. Bet odds are the odds based on what the other players will do in response to you raising them, and implied odds are what shape you think the betting is going to take over the course of the hand.

Now, I hope you've got your Math hat on, because you've got some figgerin' to do here. What you'll have to do is divide the number of outs you've got left in the deck with the amount of cards that haven't been seen (and this includes your opponents cards and the burned cards), leaving you with your percentage odds of actually drawing that 6 you need to complete your straight.

For example, let's say you were dealt a 4 and a 5 off suit. Then the 7 and 8 came up on the Flop, and you're waiting for the Turn to see if you draw the inside straight. That leaves you with 4 outs and 47 unseen cards, making the odds of you catching that four on the Turn about 8%. If it doesn't come up, your chances on the River (now with 46 cards left unseen) is closer to 9%. Not so hard, right? Just divide the outs by the unseen cards.

Pot odds aren't much more difficult. You compare your outs ' your chances of winning the hand ' to the size of the pot: if your outs percentage is better than the pot-to-bet ratio, that's good pot odds. Say you needed that 6 from earlier while you're playing in a $10/$20 head's up game of hold'em. The only guy left just bet $20, & if you call the $20 you could end up winning a $300 pot. That's a 1-to-15 ratio on the pot, and on the river you've got about a 1-in-12 chance of pulling that 6. Since 1/12 is higher than 1/15, calling isn't a bad idea.

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