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Common Texas Hold'em Hand Nicknames

Advanced Poker Strategy - Bluffs And BluffingEver heard of Cowboys, American Airlines, or Ladies? Sure you have... but do you know what they represent in the context of Texas Hold'em? Just about every hand dealt in Hold'em has a nickname. Some are more regionally valid than others, but they all have a reason for being. Learning these nicknames isn't important to the game - it just makes you sound cooler. This isn't a complete list (omitted are the 5 4 "Moneymaker", the 8 4 "Orwell", and the 7 2 "Beer Hand" to name a few). Most of these combinations here are shown offsuit, but unless it specifies - it doesn't matter. So let's get down to it.

"Bullets", "American Airlines" or "Pocket Rockets"
"Cowboys", "Ace Magnets" or "King Kong"
"Ladies" or "Sigfried & Roy"
"J-Birds" or "Hooks"
"Dimes" or "Tension"
"German Virgin" or "Popeyes"
"Snowmen", "Little Oldsmobile" or "Dog Balls"
"Mullets" or "Hockey Sticks"
"Presto" or "Speed Limit"
"Magnum" or "Sailboats"
"Crabs" or "Treys"
"Big Slick", "Anna Kournikova", or "Walking Back To Houston"
"Big Chick", or "Doyle Brunson"
"Ajax", "Blackjack" or "Jackass"
"Bookends" or "Johnny Moss"
"Jesus/Chris Ferguson"
"Dead Man's Hand"
"Slap Shot"
"High Five"
"Hunting Season"
"Royal Couple" or "Marriage"
"Kojak" (suited)
"Bachelor's Hand" (offsuit)
"Canine" or "Dog"
"Maverick" or "Oedipus Rex"
"Colt 45" or "Jesse James"
"Raquel Welch"

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